Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix

Are you looking for the Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix? Then, read this article to find out the Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India’s Phoenix Marketcity is a shopping area built by …

Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix

Are you looking for the Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix? Then, read this article to find out the Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix

Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix
Best Restaurants In Chennai Phoenix

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India’s Phoenix Marketcity is a shopping area built by Phoenix Mills Limited. It was inaugurated in January 2013 and has become the city’s second-largest mall. In 2018, it was India’s fourth-largest mall.

The most popular weekend destination for wild brand buying and plaything is Phoenix Marketcity. There is everything there, even high-end jewellery and clothing! Nonetheless, some hungry rats may inevitably assault your stomach after all that exhausting bag carrying. We comprehend how unpleasant it could be to seek malls’ enormous battleground, specifically with your family, with sizzling aroma flowing from every nook and cranny. We have the perfect list of restaurants in Phoneix market city that you’ll enjoy.


Jonah’s downstairs is the shit! This restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience, from pizzas and burgers to delicious pasta paired with breaded chicken. Also, they provide Japanese specialities, including ramen and Japanese curries. You can binge on pastries and sweets or try a waffle for a sugar surge.

Cost: 800 INR for two people.


On the first level, Kobe Sizzler serves some mouthwatering tandoor and grill fare. You’re in for a lavish treat with succulent beef and sautéed vegetables. Also, they provide continental alternatives. They frequently have combo deals, making choosing 3 meals with soup, a main dish, and dessert simple. You might not have asked for a fresher lunch with the sizzle and the steam pouring from your dish.

Cost: 1100 INR for two people.


It would be best if you were at Chili’s American Restaurant and Bar. They offer Mexican and American cuisine at this mall location, which is on the second floor. Try their fiery veggie fajitas, thick sizzling burgers with a fried egg on top, or their cheesy quesadillas! Also, they provide the option of offering unlimited sugary beverages and lemonade in enormous beer mugs. If soft drinks aren’t your thing, try their mocktails instead. The nachos will be a hit with your youngsters.

Cost: 1400 INR for two people.

Mainland China

China’s mainland it is! Some of the best Indo-Chinese restaurants may be found on the first floor in Mainland China. Begin with steaming dumplings and choose from various noodles, including Singapore hot noodles, Japanese wheat noodles, and Vietnamese glass noodles. There are also numerous vegetarian and seafood options available. Remember to have dessert to round out your evening. We recommend a warm brownie with ice cream!

Cost: 1800 INR for two people.

Copper Chimney

The kind of restaurant you want to visit with your family is Copper Chimney on the second floor, which serves everything from flavorful Mughlai to masaledar Tandoor. You can taste Mughlai flavours, from their long grain aloo dum biryani to their saffron-based mutton biryani. Tandoori kebabs, seekh kebabs, Reshmi kebabs, and other alternatives are among their interesting selection of kebabs. Also, they play soothing music that creates a regal atmosphere for your eating experience!

Cost: 1200 INR for two people.


What should I order? Rajdhani will assist you. They specialise in offering individualised thalis. Gujrati, North Indian, and Rajasthani food are all readily available, and vegetarian options are also not a concern. Every food they provide has an authentic flavour. Have a delicious halwa or jalebi bowl to round up your dinner. Everything will have a hint of Indianess.

Cost: 1200 INR for two people.

Punjabi Grill

Punjab Grill, situated on the lower ground floor, offers a wonderful dining experience with savoury gourmet Indian cuisine. They have done a commendable job of reinterpreting several traditional Punjabi dishes. If authenticity is your thing, order a simple naan and butter chicken combo; it will never disappoint you. A tall glass of delicious lassi completes the ideal satisfying dinner!

Cost: 2500 INR for two people.

Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan

Searching for a completely vegetarian dish? Finally, on the second level, Namma Vedu Vasanta Bhavan offers some delectable South Indian and North Indian food alternatives. Have your fair share of podi idlis or dosas topped with ghee! Even smaller tiffin alternatives are available, allowing you to order a combo of idlis and vadas and wash it down with a big glass of mango lassi. It is comfortable and provides a satisfying dining experience.

Cost: 600 INR for two people.

Writer’s Cafe

You may have noticed their stores all over Chennai and developed a similar affection for them as every human did. The third floor of Phoenix Mall houses a Writer’s café franchise. You can get some cheesy pizzas, pasta, or jalapeno poppers there, and the shelves are stocked with some kid-friendly novels. Their pastries are the greatest yet. To experience it, take a bite from one of their crispy macaroons or savour one of their creamy pastries.

Cost: 500 INR for two people.


Would you like some obscene flavours? The top ground floor restaurant Galito’s serves spicily African dishes with an Indian flare. Pick up some spicy chicken wings or filling meaty burgers. You can pick from four different sauces divided into four categories based on how spicy they are: mild heat, medium heat, hot heat, and extra hot heat. Do not worry about the cold; some Malva pudding can cool your scorching tongue.

Cost: 1000 INR for two people.

Burger King

Why wouldn’t your kids enjoy a dinner of hamburgers and fries? Make a quick stop at Burger King on the second floor if you’re searching for a fast snack. You can get your fav burger and some traditional fries while your child can seem like a king wearing their custom paper crown. A whopper a day, after all, keeps the hunger at bay. A scoop of soft serve will cap off the quick dinner!

Cost: 300 INR for two people.

So from low price to high price we have listed out the restaurants and you can choose according to your budget and according to your choice. Every restaurant has its speciality and variety, so you can choose which one you like. If you go to Phoneix Mall Chennai, check out these yummy restaurants.

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